“There is nothing permanent except change.”

This 2500-year quotation may have never been so timely. It is true for the legal work, for our clients’ life, business, job, daily transactions and their family relationships. We do not only move with the pace of our times, but we strive to preserve traditions and the values that characterize our profession. To optimize service for our clients, we are moving from paper-based legal files to electronic solutions and ultimately to leveraging artificial intelligence.

We are a modern law firm with classical values interested in effectively supporting our clients in their business needs with our professianlism, intergrity, dedication and passion for excellence.


our firm

The Preda Law Firm was established in 2016, building on Katalin Preda’s 15-year experience as a practising attorney. Our main office is located downtown, on the Pest side of the River Danube. For our clients’ convenience, we also operate a branch office on the Buda side. Our partners have years of experience in legal counselling and representation in both legal proceedings and mediation. We provide flawless service to domestic and international clients in the Hungarian, English and German languages. We represent business clients and private persons, in litigation and out-of-court, Hungarian or international cases. Specialist knowledge (in finance, tax affairs, accounting etc.), partnerships with Hungarian and foreign law firms as well as our membership in international professional organisations allow us to provide a full-service offering.


Our firm is an active member of advoselect, an international organisation of independent law firms, established under the aegis of European Law. advoselect, headquartered in Stuttgart, consists of law firms engaged in European business law. […]

United Legal Network

The is an association of commercial lawyers created in 1999 for the specific purpose of enhancing its members' ability to provide their clients with a practical and professional service capable of responding to the demands of international commerce and cross-border transactions.
The members of understand that the business environment and the challenges facing companies are constantly changing. […]