Corporate Law

  • corporate governance
  • company foundation
  • modification of articles of association
  • transformation of companies, reorganisations
  • divisions, mergers, M&A
  • syndicate agreements
  • changing of membership, transfer, legal succession
  • legal supervision procedures
  • internal regulations
  • ensuring the legal operation of companies

Cyber Law & E-Commerce

  • data protection on the internet
  • the law of electronic commercial
  • domain law cases (registration, use, usurpation, assignment)
  • drafting of contracts connected to internet services
  • general terms and conditions
  • elaboration of privacy policies
  • rights and disputes connected to websites
  • webshops regulations
  • legal counseling for web hosting suppliers, portal operators or electronic advertisers

Data Protection

  • legal advising in the field of data protection
  • data protection audit
  • preparation of privacy policies
  • registration into the data protection register
  • acquisition of data protection opinion from the competent authorities
  • employment data protection

IP (Intellectual Property) Law

  • agreement concerning the transfer or utilisation of copyrights
  • in case of copyright infringement, copyright enforcement
  • legal issues regarding internet copyright
  • trademark law, trademark protection
  • voluntary registration to the register of works of art

Labour Law

  • employment contracts
  • profit-oriented agreements
  • labour disputes
  • drafting of documents regarding the termination of employment
  • interim management cases
  • counselling connected to the development of company’s work organisation
  • the distinction between employment relationship and agency contract
  • labour law audit
  • labour control
  • discrimination cases

Law of Business Contracts

During the preparation of contracts, the main goal is to reflect the parties’ aims and intentions, and to describe exactly, logically and transparently the services and the legal consequences of a breach of the contract.

Our law firm provides the highest level of services to its clients during the whole business activity, including the period of pre—contract negotiations as well as after the agreement has been concluded.

The contracts we prepare are well-constructed, prudently developed and fulfil every demand of the present legal system, thusly ensuring the smooth course of the transaction from a legal aspect.

We provide services regarding the preparation and modification of service, assignment, business, commercial agency, delivery, transportation, shipping, licence and franchise contracts, as well as cooperation agreements, syndicate contracts and other commercial contracts.

We are giving legal opinion to our clients in connection with the above mentioned contracts.

Litigation & ADR


The aim of mediation is to settle a disputed question between the parties with common satisfaction. During the dispute resolution, a third neutral party, the mediator, assists the parties to negotiate a settlement. The mediation leads to an agreement between the parties without availing themselves of any court proceedings. This proceeding is designed to settle every disputed question between the parties that would be settled by the judgement of the court. In the mediation procedure the parties involve a neutral third party to the negotiation, who has expertise skills in settling the dispute and who is responsible for leading and maintaining the negotiation procedure.

With mediation

  • the prolonged and expensive court procedures become avoidable or terminable,
  • the foreseeable or inchoate disputes can shortly be finished or prevented and moreover
  • the parties may negotiate a settlement that is better, faster and cheaper than court procedures.

Real Estate Law

  • contracts regarding the transfer of ownership of real estates (sale and purchase, exchange, gifting)
  • flat, office and store renting and usage contracts
  • contracts regarding collaterals on real estate (mortgage)
  • condominium law
  • adverse possession, encroachment
  • land plot formation procedures, division of plots
  • termination of joint ownership
  • representation during land registry procedures
  • counselling in connection with real estate law

Representation of private individuals

We undertake the representation of private individuals in

  • tax administration
  • family law
  • inheritance law
  • international private law
  • every other disputed case which may require legal expertise skills.